Quotes about Decisions

Quotes about Decisions

Quote by Ash Ketchum from Pokémon (Series quote)

Choose it or lose it!

Quote by Alan Rickman

I've never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.

Quote from The Silver Lining Episode 2: Two Households, by King Graham (Game quote)

It's not how everyone else feels about what you choose, but what your heart tells you, lad. That's all that matters.

Indianisch saying

'It is as though I have a black dog and a white dog inside me fighting each other constantly.' The black dog, he explained, represented evil and the white dog represented good. The missionary asked him, 'Which dog wins the fight within you?' After several moments of silence, the native said, 'The dog that wins is the one I feed and the dog that loses is the one I starve.'

Quote from Max Payne 2 (Game quote)

There are no choices. Nothing but a straight line.
The Illusion comes afterwards, when you ask 'Why me?' and 'What if?'
When you look back, see the branches, like a pruned bonsai tree, or a forked lightening.
If you had done something differently, it wouldn't be you.
It would be someone else looking back, asking a different set of questions.

Quote by Unknown

You can never make the same mistake twice. Because the second time you make it, it's not a mistake, it's a choise.

Quote by Unknown

The three C's of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes.
You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your Life will never Change.

Quote by Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother in Season 5 Episode 20 (Series quote)

Sometimes our best decisions are the ones that don't make any sense at all.

Quote by Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother in Season 5 Episode 20 (Series quote)

I didn't give up on my dream house, because that's the thing about stupid decisions - we all make them, but time is funny and sometimes a little magical. It can take a stupid decision, and turn it into something else entirely.

Quote by J.D. from Scrubs in Season 3 Episode 19 (Series quote)

There comes a time when every man needs to make a choice, whether it's a professional choice or whether it's a personal choice. In the end, it's about integrity, and it's about chasing after what you really want, even if that means showing you both care a little. And sometimes... well, sometimes you just have to do what's right for your friend, even if it means sacrificing your own happiness. When it comes down to it, you just have to be proud of the decision you make.

Quote by Unknown

Don't make any decisions when you're angry. And never make any promises when you're happy.

Quote by Joanne K. Rowling in Harry Potter - Und die Kammer des Schreckens (Book quote)

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

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