The best rap-punchlines and disses

The best rap-punchlines and disses

Quote by Kanye West - Back Like That (Lyric)

We hit the spot to chill with the Fuji Grill
She ordered the Kobe beef, like Shaquille O'Neal

Quote by Ed Sheeran - You need me but I don't need you, Album: + (Lyric)

They say I'm up and coming, like I'm fucking in an elevator

Quote by Eminem - Rap God, Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (Lyric)

You're pointless as Rapunzel with fucking cornrows

Quote by Hopsin - Hop Is Back (Lyric)

Nigga, you ain't ill in the booth
I'd die and do my next show as a hologram and still be realer than you
I'm the shit like I slithered in poo
I'm sicker than sticking my freaking dick inside of a bitch's syphilis cooch

Quote by Jay-Z - You Don’t know (Lyric)

I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell
I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well

Quote by Suga Free - Circus (Lyric)

The only hood you ever saw was on a sweat-shirt
This will make your neck jerk, 'til ya sweat dirt

Quote by Lil Wayne - Blunt Blowin' (Lyric)

I still got the vision (division), like a line between two dots

Quote from 8 Mile, by B-Rabbit/Eminem (Movie quote)

My motto: fuck Lotto
I get the 7 digits from your mother for a dollar tomorrow

Quote from 8 Mile, by B-Rabbit/Eminem (Movie quote)

Did you listen to the last round methhead?
Pay attention, you sayin' the same shit that he said
Matter fact dog, here's a pencil
Go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful
And don't come back until somethin dope hits you
Fuck it
You can take the Mic home wit' you

Quote by Big L (Lyric)

Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread
And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nothing but head (Butthead)

Quote by 2Pac - Nothing To Lose (Lyric)

No matter how you try, niggas never die
We just retaliate with hate, then we multiply

Quote by Big L - Da Graveyard (Lyric)

I'm known for snatching purses and bombing churches
I get more pussy on accident then most niggas get on purpose

Quote by Eminem (at Rap Olympics '97)

I got so many ways to diss you that im playful wit'chu
I'll let a razor slit you 'til they have to staple stitch you
And nobody in this fuckin' place'll miss you
If you try to turn my facial tissue to a racial issue
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